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Wilfred "Freddy Will" Kanu Jr. is an author, philanthropist, and a Hip Hop recording artist, best known for publishing his books with an accompanying studio album. As CEO of Freddy Will Industries, he launched his career in Toronto, Canada and currently resides in Brussels, Belgium. 

Early Life


Born in Brookfields, Freetown, Sierra Leone, he spent his early childhood in Liberia. During the civil war, he attended high school in Sierra Leone. Freddy Will also lived in The Gambia and Senegal. He later immigrated to and naturalized in New Jersey, USA. After college, he relocated to and settled down in Toronto, Canada. To date, he has written and published SIX books independently.  

Current Release!!!


Freddy Will Publishing launched "The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 4" on October 10th, 2018. The highly anticipated book is the fourth installment from his seven volume series. Since 2018 is the tenth anniversary of his debut album, Freddy Will is publishing three new Books. Vol. 5 will drop in December.

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DECEMBER 27th, 2018

The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 5


The fifth installment of "The Sandmann's Journal" will be published on all platforms on December 27th, 2018 

The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 4


The fourth installment of "The Sandmann's Journal" available on all platforms since October 10th,  2018!  

The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 3


The third installment of "The Sandmann's Journal" available on all platforms since August 8th,  2018!  


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"The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 4"

Book Series

In this journal, you are following an old school Hip Hop emcee as he documents his views on the changes that have taken place in this world. Since our ancestors relied on the former system of Abrahamic doctrine, you will notice that the Indiana Senate bill was also a big deal in my opinion. Now, check this out. The change difference in generational mentalities is not only in Hip Hop. It is also present in other areas of society, especially in policy and lawmaking.

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Freddy Will Publishing released this eBook on October 10th, 2018 

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"The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 3"

Book Seriese

In Volume 3 I determine the creed of Hip Hop, clarify my romantic curiosity with women showing that although I'm far from a simp or an MGTOW, beauty reflects in my eye as a beholder. This time, I connect Hip Hop with African culture, address "The Mayor Ford Scandal" and pose more questions on the family, gender accountability, marriage, etc. In this Volume, I break down the creed of Hip Hop Kulture by defining its essence as described by KRS One, The Zulu Nation, and the Five Percenters. I also speak on the uniqueness of African music and dance cultures. You will find chapters on my thoughts concerning LGBT rights in Africa, contrasting the idea with long-standing Islamic and Christian traditions on the continent. 

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Freddy Will Publishing released this eBook on August 8th, 2018


"The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 2"

Book Series

"The Sandmann’s Journal Vol. 2" is a continuation of volume 1. Taken from Freddy Will's blog, dates at the beginning of each chapter indicate when they were published. Though factual, these entries are not intended to have journalistic value even though there are interviews with Eddie Bullen and his son, Quincy Bullen. At the time, Freddy Will had limited access to mainstream radio, television, and very little internet presence.

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Freddy Will Publishing released this eBook on November 25th, 2016. 


"The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 1"

Book Series

"The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 1" talks about the challenges Freddy Will faced at the beginning of his music and literary careers in Toronto, Canada. It gives an insight into his musical influences. He talks about his favorite celebrities, emcees, cars and how his blog came to be. As a Hip-Hop artist, Wilfred Kanu Jr. has a few aka, such as Freddy Will | his stage name |, Afrikanblac and Freddy Will Tha Sandmann. In this volume of the Sandmann’s Journal, you will find entries on some of Freddy Will’s preferred West African cuisines, an introduction to Sierra Leone and the process of creating his first two albums and books."

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Freddy Will Publishing released this eBook on July 4, 2016.

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Freddy Will Hope Foundation

Giving Back to the Community


Through his foundation, Freddy Will has provided scholarships for students in Africa. He also raises awareness of Diabetes, Oncology and Geriatric care since he worked with them at Robertwood Johnson University Hospital and Somerset Medical Center in New Jersey. 

Give A Miracle A Chance


Freddy Will has volunteered with many charity organizations. Some of them include "Give A Miracle A Chance," and "The Rotary Club."

Bring Back Our Girls


Freddy Will is against all forms of bias or violence against women and promotes equal opportunities for girls and boys. 


Hip Hop Kruzade... Path of a Legend


In 2014 he published his third book and released his third studio album under his second record label, Swift Nights Ent. What are the driving force behind its music, slang, fashion, art, cuisine and entrepreneurial spirit? Why are there biases against it? Why is it influential? Is there a generational gap? Negative stereotypes about people who live Hip Hop and play loud rap music prove a bias, far more than a myth. Those who turn to crime do so as a result of social and economic disenfranchisement due to racism, poverty, and discrimination. 

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Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing released this book on November 22, 2014.   

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"Laboramus Exspectantes Vol. 1"

Studio Album

Freddy Will's third studio album named after the motto of one of his high schools (Methodist Boys High School in Freetown, Sierra Leone) alma meta. The title, "Laboramus Exspectantes" is 18th century Latin which means, "Labor and Expects."

SINGLES: Inspire Ur Dream, Pickin' w/ Felisha Raquel, Epoch O' Chastity w/ Quincy Bullen. 

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Swift Nightz Ent. released this album on November 11, 2014.    

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"Limited Edition Postage Stamps of Sierra Leone"


Following the New York Coalition for Healthy School Foods release of "Healthy Food for Thought: Good Enough To Eat," the Recording Academy nominated it for a Grammy Award. To memorialize Freddy Will's participation on this project, on October 22, 2011, with a Grammy nod, the Intergovernmental Postal Consultants acknowledged him with four "Limited Edition" Postage Stamps.


"The Dark Road from Romarong"



"The Dark Road From Romarong" is a true story of how a country, named Romarong traveled on a very dark path to become the West African nation of Sierra Leone. Early tribes migrated from Sudan and the Northern Sahara and assembled in the rainforest in and around Romarong to accommodate their families, build their settlements, grow their crops and trade. This book unveils a glimpse into the sophistication of lost medieval African Empires rarely spoken of, like the Fouta Jallon. Freddy Will’s perspective outlines the culture, lifestyle, and traditions of the leading West African tribes. 

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Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing released this book on October 10, 2010.  

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"Dark Horse from Romarong ... acity of kings"

Studio Album

“Dark Horse from Romarong …A City of Kings.” is Freddy Will's second studio album officially released with the accompanying book, “The Dark Road from Romarong.” Freddy Will performed this album in the Krio language of Sierra Leone. The song, "Save Feat. Carvin Winans" is the only English track on the album.  

SINGLES: Endurance, Angel, Athens of West Africa and Save Feat. Carvin Winans..

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Ghetto Breed Ent. released this album on October 10, 2010  

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Grammy Nomination

Healthy Food For Thought: Good Enough to Eat


In 2009 Freddy Will recorded the song. "Future" for Double K Records to promote awareness of Type 2 Diabetes. 



Double K Records submitted, "Future' to the New York Coalition for Healthy School Foods to add to their children's album. 

Best Spoken Word Album For Children


In 2010, the children's album, "Healthy Food for Thought: Good Enough to Eat" received a Grammy nomination.

Rotary Club of Etobicoke - Rotary Food Initiative

Rotary Food Initiative - Ontario, Canada


Freddy Will joins the Rotary Club, records the song, "And Then They'll Grow" and donates it to the Rotary Food Initiative as another way to raise money for the effort to "end child hunger."  He performs it live at "The Toronto Ribfest!"

Rotary Club of Etobicoke


Every year, in Ontario, Canada  there is an annual festival known as "The Toronto Ribfest!" It is one of the exciting events in the summer that happens around Canada Day! These weekend-long parties feature live entertainment, outdoor fun, and mouth-watering food. 

Freddy Will Hope Foundation


Proceeds from donations and the Toronto Ribfest's effort to "end child hunger" in many places around the world. As philanthropy and community service ranks high on a Rotarian's list of priorities, and as a member, Freddy Will pitches in with songs and live performances.  


"My Book of Chrymes"


"My Book of Chrymes" is a nonfiction chronicle of the abrasive experiences of independent recording artist and author, Freddy Will, whose real name is Wilfred Kanu, Jr. This book unearthed intense moments of his life that inspired gritty lyrics which he has intrinsically woven into his album, "While I'm Still Young... The Talking Drums 1.2v." Ultimately cast into the streets of West Africa and the United States of America, Freddy Will talks about his hustle and how he got trained in phlebotomy. In Africa, he found solace in reggae playing ghetto slums where his involvement in music drew lifelong friendships...

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This book was published on August 11, 2009, by Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing! 

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"While I'm Still Young. The Talking Drums 1.2v"

Studio Album

"While I'm Still Young... The Talking Drums 1. 2v" is a revamped version of Freddy Will's debut album accompanying his first book, "My Book of Chrymes" on August 11, 2009. The collection features several new songs that are not on the original debut.

SINGLES: Providence feat. Carvin Winans, Look at Me Now, City Boy (Remix), While I'm Still Young II and How Would I Know Feat. Jay NY.    

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Ghetto Breed Ent. and Double K Records released this album on August 11, 2009.

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